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            A school is created … 

About a year ago a group of parents and teachers has been formulated with the aim to establish a new education establishment in Canton Zug based on the long experience of the Waldorf pedagogic. Each one of us in the group comes with a wide and long experience in the realm of children  education. We use our experiences from different places in Switzerland and around the world, to study the Waldorf pedagogic adopting it for today’s needs.

 Our aim in this “not to profit” organization is to make available in canton Zug a place of education which places the child in its center. A place which raises and educates the child while still allowing the child to be a child.

  In these days we are working together, parents and Amaranta’s teachers, on designing and renovating our new place so it could serve the goals and aims we have set. In parallel our growing group is working on establishing  a school which will escort our children all the way up to needed diploma,which will allow each and every one to choose his or hers way in their lives.

 We whole heartedly invite you to join our group and take part in this new beginning, or to simply follow our progress in this page as we will update it with pictures and of course share more about our pedagogical approach.