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Nicole Gasser


  •  Versatile creative with the hands
  •  Communicative, reliable, clear
  •  Imaginative, close to nature, curious


In my profession as a kindergarten teacher, I noticed in my work with the children that “less is often more”. Children enjoy repetition which through it they gain confidence and security. It is important for me to pick up every single child where he stands and to accompany him benevolently. I give the children the space needed, letting them learn to discover, so that their abilities can unfold. The basics of Waldorf education and an authentic and appreciative relationship are the foundation concepts for me.

Further Education

  • Solution-oriented approach / Steve de Shazer
  • movement in kindergarten / somersault certified.
  • courses in magic, theater and forest education.
  • Curriculum 21 / Competence-oriented teaching.
  • Nonviolent communication.

Leisure interests:

Outside I feel very well and walk happily to the forest. Movement in nature is my balance, the dancing, slacklining and swimming gives me additional great pleasure. Reading enriches my life and music opens my heart. I sing and accompany myself with guitar or flute.

Curriculum Vitae

Growing up in Obwalden with beautiful mountains, forests and lakes, as a young child I enjoyed a lot of creative freedom in a protected environment. In the kindergarten seminar Heiligkreuz I learned my dream job Kindergartenteacher..

I also gained professional experience at a special school. During this time I focused on the solution-oriented approach and non-violent communication, according to Rosenberg. I have experienced that relationship and appreciation to the child is the basis of every learning and personality development.

In Thurgau, my experience bag was filled in age-mixed learning, where kindergarten and the first grade,  learned separately as well as from each other and thereby strengthened their selves-and their social skills.

After a break and a trip around the world, we moved our center of life to the canton of Zug. We were thankful after the birth of our daughter, with whom also a new phase of life started. My role as mother and my profession have been inspiring each other ever since. The childcare which my child is attending and which is guided by the sense of Waldorf education, has a meaningful effect on our family. During an intensive forest project in the kindergarten I realized that I would like to take a new direction and the Waldorf education speaks from the heart.